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Sanitation at Home A home is a place where people cook, eat sleep and look after their children. It protects people from harsh weather – cold, rain, wind, the burning rays of the sun-as well as from insects, animals and other dangers, so a home is a very important place for people to live.Sanitation at home is important. People can do a lot about improving some of their living conditions in which they live. They should refrigerate food properly or store it carefully to keep it away from bacteria, and they should not leave food lying around because it may attract insects and rats. To Avoid these pests, proper care of garbage is also very important. Careful housekeeping is extremely important to sanitation and food health. People should keep all parts of the house neat and clean by sweeping and mopping them, such as bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. They should tidy up the bedroom, scrub bathroom and kitchen often, and use disinfectants freely. Sanitary condition of a house protects people from germs but health problems not caused by germs are a growing challenge in the field of sanitation today. 1. The author is primarily concerned with describing …a. the importance of having a good homeb. how people should keep their house tidyc. the ways people should obey to have good sanitationd. the danger of leaving their meal opene. the diseases derive from garbage 2. According to the author …a. house is the most important thing to haveb. people should store their meal in refrigeratorc. people should be aware of getting bad environmentd. flies, rats, ants and many other insects need our protectione. keeping the environment healthy is the most important thing to do 3. Which one of the words below has similar meaning to sanitary ?a. dirty b. waste e. healthc. clean d. soiled 4. The word it paragraph 1, sentence 2 refers to …a. a home b. childc. a placed. weathere. wind Text 2Healthy Water and Its Problem Water is very precious to people. They use it in almost activities they do. Primarily, they use water for domestic purposes such as drinking, food preparation, bathing cleaning, and watering plants. Secondarily, water is used for industrial processes, commercial protect. Realizing how important water is for drinking and food preparation. Clean water which is free from disease-causing bacteria should always be available. Boiling water is the traditional way to get healthy drinking water. Clean and healthy water is also necessary for bathing and cleaning; fish and plants need water which is free from pollution. As the population of the world increases, people are now facing a serious problem of water pollution, especially in big cities. The growth of population does not cope with the development of housing facility. Consequently, too many people live in one area, and environmental cleanliness cannot be controlled very well. People’s activities are chemical substances that affect the natural condition of water of its intended use. Organic wastes from homes and industries contaminate the water. As the result, waterways like rivers, lakes, and even oceans are subjected to pollution. This polluted water is harmful to living things that consume it. Plants cannot grow well and do not yield good quality fruit. Fish do not grow and breed properly. This in turn, will affect the health of people who consume themWater pollution is really a problem for all people. They however cannot overcome this individually. They need to cooperate as responsible citizens. They should not throw away domestic wastes everywhere. They must not dump harmful substances into the rivers. Industries must realize the importance of recycling rubbish. And above all, they should not let the chemical waste get into the rivers or other public waterways. 5 The following are the primary uses of water except …a. preparation of foodb. swimming –poolsc. cleaningd. bathinge. drinking 6 Water is very precious because …a. it is not available everywhereb. we cannot use it everydayc. we use it in almost all activitiesd. it is hard to gete. we can use it to wash 7 We realize how important water is, so we have to …a. find more waterb. boil the waterc. use as little water as possibled. explore the earth for more watere. keep water usable at all times 8 What do fish and plants need ? They need …a. uncontaminated waterb. a large quantity of waterc. clean and healthy waterd. water from riverse. waste water 9 Why do big cities have serious water problems? Because …a. water is difficult to findb. they need too much waterc. water is needed thered. too many people live in one areae. of the development of housing facilities 10 We need … for bathing and cleaning.a. a warm waterb. a lot of waterc. clean and healthyd. water from natural sourcese. contaminated water 11 Plants cannot grow well and do not yield good quality fruit (par.2)The word “yield” means …a. grow b. give c. affectd. consume e. produce/harvest 12 The primary cause of water pollution is …a. animal wasteb. people’s activitiesc. harmful plantsd. contaminated wastee. the natural condition of water 13 Polluted water is very dangerous to ….a. animalb. all living thingsc. environmentd. the peoplee. health Text 3 At present, almost every family has television,especially those who live in big cities.Now, television is not one of luxurious things anymore because it is so common that almost every family has one.Many people –old and young-spend their time watching television, since there are a lot of television programs we can enjoy. There are music, film, sport, news and many other programs we can choose as we wish. An interesting program makes us keep watching it, so that sometimes we forget what we should do. It can be a disturbance for us, but we still love to watch it.Everythings in this world leads to two sides; good and bad, and so does television. As one of the mass-medial television really brings many results. Of course, there are good results, and bad ones. The good results for us are that we get entertainment. It make us happy, and it also gives information and knowledge.On the other hand, television shows programs that are not suitable for our culture, custom and age. For example, the romatic and action films, that are shown at noon when children stay at home and watch them.However, in some ways television is very useful to us. We can choose the programs in line our favourite programs. We however, should consider many aspects. 14 Now, television is not a …. thing.a. cheap b. important c. luxuriusd. primarye. unimportant 15 “We, however should consider many aspects” (the last line)a. care b. know c. learnd. thinke. take 16 Who likes to watch television ?a. All people b. Old people c. Special peopled. Young peoplee. New people 17 The main idea of paragraph 2 is ….a. only young people like to watch TVb. sometimes TV TV programs distrub usc. there are music, film, sport and news on TVd. television programs are interestinge. radio program 18. How should we watch the TV programs ?a. As much we likeb. Choose the bad onec. Choose the good oned. Choose the suitable onee. Choose the best one 19 I was sleeping when my father …. The announcement about me on the radioa. heardb. hearsc. was hearing d. will heare. hear 20 I read an interesting article about traffic accident yesterday.The underlined word mean ….a. front cover b. dead line c. storyd. head linee. cover

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